A Mixture of Cultures in Brazil

The ISA Journal Janey Fugate is a student at Washington and Lee University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Janey is currently studying abroad with ISA in Florianópolis, Brazil. Small idiosyncrasies and the eyes to recognize them give life a little more color.  Just as it began to rain cats and dogs in Curitiba, Brazil, a city in the southern state of Paraná, my friends and I stopped in the nearest dry place we could find, which happened to be a German pub decorated with coats of arms and filled with medieval banquet tables. After eating there, we walked back outside … Continue reading A Mixture of Cultures in Brazil


Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving Is this you?I know it’s me. We are who our friends are. If they behave like that, we behave the same. I heard an awesome saying today, after we give advice. People try to hide their uncomfortable feelings when they say “don’t judge me”. We give advice because we want you or your friends or family to live better but at that time people don’t realize. It’s the sad Ugly Truth. Continue reading Behavior

Misery- part 2

Friends are the best! Um…Reallly? If you want good friends in your life, try to not break their trust. What happens if your honest but the other person isn’t? Disaster! Evil! Trust-broken! Hiding stuff begins, feelings hurt and then minor case of depression. The betrayal of friendship. Grim reaper artwork found in DMA Texas. Why do people do this to eachother? Because either they don’t care or care too much :-\ So usually when you trust someone and they break your trust, and then same thing again, you kinda lose it or like I said before, you don’t care. Things … Continue reading Misery- part 2

Sky High

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Clouds are so random they can take you to places and make u imagine random animals like the unicorn..And via hide n seek in clouds we search for Air transports for example a jet or aeroplane zooming away. But then it also brings rain and cloudy thunderstorms. Good is always followed by evil and vice-versa. All pictures taken by n.h with #HTCOne #nofilter Muslimah2013 Continue reading Sky High

Limit zzzzzzZ….

As an individual person, I have unlimited possibilities but I am restricted. It’s sad that I can’t count the number of times I have heard from my own peers say “you can’t do this..because of so and so..” ofcourse I’m not talking about silly stuff. There are people who put you down even when you do so much for them and they don’t realize it and just tell “oh it’s nice but I like this one better…”  And like that you lose your heart a little bit to give even though you know it’s not gonna be accepted lovingly.. Welcome, … Continue reading Limit zzzzzzZ….

Ramadan Times~ :-D

Its Ramadan…people aka Muslims realize it and still behave the way they did before… Its amazing though how some people change remarkably including me, I was not interested in praying sunnah(voluntary) prayers after my fardh(obligatory) prayers during Ramadan but after seeing 12 yr olds pray, it kinda forces you to pray as well. May Allah increase this feeling in all of us to pray more and ask for Du’a for the mankind.. Its real. Even in the muslim community, same problems like “children not listening to their parents, no respect for husbands and wives…” these are just some of the … Continue reading Ramadan Times~ 😀