Advise a person by thinking to break that anger, in fact if you abandon your friends in their time of need…they wont help u in your time of need. True Fact! 

A friend in need is a friend indeed. 

But then there are people who live to give advices to their friends but don’t follow those advises. What do u do with them? I simply ignore them for awhile and come back to them, since i take advice only from my friends and family and educated people 😀 



As Dr.Seuss aptly put it in laymen terms. 🙂 

Be Hopeful, Humble, Funny, Just, Respectful, Clean, Muslim, Islamic 🙂 

Keep moving even if you hear aggressive animosity from people. 

Dont let it get to you. 🙂 

FInd the positive in life and forget the negative. 


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