Limit zzzzzzZ….

As an individual person, I have unlimited possibilities but I am restricted. It’s sad that I can’t count the number of times I have heard from my own peers say “you can’t do this..because of so and so..” ofcourse I’m not talking about silly stuff. There are people who put you down even when you do so much for them and they don’t realize it and just tell “oh it’s nice but I like this one better…”  And like that you lose your heart a little bit to give even though you know it’s not gonna be accepted lovingly.. Welcome, this is life. Lol.
    But that’s just one thing guys, there’s always going to be this issue of letting someone down because

people are not perfect.

Only natural beings like the trees, animals, insects, water etc etc.

You don’t see an ant or a monkey or   a donkey or a horse or anyother animals that suicides . It’s humans that make such stupid decisions in life.

Just live, laugh, love
eat pray love
fun, peace, hope.



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