Misery- part 2

Friends are the best! Um…Reallly?
If you want good friends in your life, try to not break their trust.

What happens if your honest but the other person isn’t?
Disaster! Evil! Trust-broken!
Hiding stuff begins, feelings hurt and then minor case of depression. The betrayal of friendship.


Grim reaper artwork found in DMA Texas.
Why do people do this to eachother? Because either they don’t care or care too much :-\ o_O


So usually when you trust someone and they break your trust, and then same thing again, you kinda lose it or like I said before, you don’t care. Things like this happen…People realize later on in life there are some people you can trust and others you cannot trust because people are not perfect. It is what it is. You gotta do what you gotta do.
So just chill ^_~




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