“I am always saying “Glad to’ve met you” to somebody I’m not at all glad I met. If you want to stay alive, you have to say that stuff, though.” ― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye Don’t y’all think it’s true?  😀  Continue reading Manners

Some Maybes & Some Sometimes…

I have been friends with some people for 20 years and others for just a day. Why did some last for a day while others lasted for decades? Maybe because I spent more time to get to know the real person, Maybe because my friendliness made it possible to get them to open up, Maybe because I am always honest with them, Maybe because I am trustworthy/loyal, Maybe because of feelings, Maybe because of being a Libra. Sometimes we got friends in places so random that it boggles some minds as to how, why, when they become friends. Sometimes years … Continue reading Some Maybes & Some Sometimes…

Open communication…whaat?!

So in today’s world, is there even a thing called “Open Communication”? What I mean is, talking about anything and everything to people that you can trust your life with; from the teeny-tiny issues to the major issues. Yes we all got some secrets we don’t like sharing with others. But can’t we at least be honest with our partners, parents and bestfriends. Instead of assuming like many of us always do about what he/she thinks…why not just go with the flow…. Understanding a person by learning the small things about them is the key to successfull relationship, don’t ya … Continue reading Open communication…whaat?!

A Mixture of Cultures in Brazil

The ISA Journal Janey Fugate is a student at Washington and Lee University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Janey is currently studying abroad with ISA in Florianópolis, Brazil. Small idiosyncrasies and the eyes to recognize them give life a little more color.  Just as it began to rain cats and dogs in Curitiba, Brazil, a city in the southern state of Paraná, my friends and I stopped in the nearest dry place we could find, which happened to be a German pub decorated with coats of arms and filled with medieval banquet tables. After eating there, we walked back outside … Continue reading A Mixture of Cultures in Brazil