Some Maybes & Some Sometimes…

I have been friends with some people for 20 years and others for just a day. Why did some last for a day while others lasted for decades? Maybe because I spent more time to get to know the real person, Maybe because my friendliness made it possible to get them to open up, Maybe because I am always honest with them, Maybe because I am trustworthy/loyal, Maybe because of feelings, Maybe because of being a Libra. Sometimes we got friends in places so random that it boggles some minds as to how, why, when they become friends. Sometimes years … Continue reading Some Maybes & Some Sometimes…

Sky High

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Clouds are so random they can take you to places and make u imagine random animals like the unicorn..And via hide n seek in clouds we search for Air transports for example a jet or aeroplane zooming away. But then it also brings rain and cloudy thunderstorms. Good is always followed by evil and vice-versa. All pictures taken by n.h with #HTCOne #nofilter Muslimah2013 Continue reading Sky High

Ramadan Times~ :-D

Its Ramadan…people aka Muslims realize it and still behave the way they did before… Its amazing though how some people change remarkably including me, I was not interested in praying sunnah(voluntary) prayers after my fardh(obligatory) prayers during Ramadan but after seeing 12 yr olds pray, it kinda forces you to pray as well. May Allah increase this feeling in all of us to pray more and ask for Du’a for the mankind.. Its real. Even in the muslim community, same problems like “children not listening to their parents, no respect for husbands and wives…” these are just some of the … Continue reading Ramadan Times~ 😀


Advise a person by thinking to break that anger, in fact if you abandon your friends in their time of need…they wont help u in your time of need. True Fact!  A friend in need is a friend indeed.  But then there are people who live to give advices to their friends but don’t follow those advises. What do u do with them? I simply ignore them for awhile and come back to them, since i take advice only from my friends and family and educated people 😀    As Dr.Seuss aptly put it in laymen terms. 🙂  Be Hopeful, … Continue reading Advice