Open communication…whaat?!

So in today’s world, is there even a thing called “Open Communication”? What I mean is, talking about anything and everything to people that you can trust your life with; from the teeny-tiny issues to the major issues. Yes we all got some secrets we don’t like sharing with others. But can’t we at least be honest with our partners, parents and bestfriends. Instead of assuming like many of us always do about what he/she thinks…why not just go with the flow…. Understanding a person by learning the small things about them is the key to successfull relationship, don’t ya … Continue reading Open communication…whaat?!

Limit zzzzzzZ….

As an individual person, I have unlimited possibilities but I am restricted. It’s sad that I can’t count the number of times I have heard from my own peers say “you can’t do this..because of so and so..” ofcourse I’m not talking about silly stuff. There are people who put you down even when you do so much for them and they don’t realize it and just tell “oh it’s nice but I like this one better…”  And like that you lose your heart a little bit to give even though you know it’s not gonna be accepted lovingly.. Welcome, … Continue reading Limit zzzzzzZ….


Advise a person by thinking to break that anger, in fact if you abandon your friends in their time of need…they wont help u in your time of need. True Fact!  A friend in need is a friend indeed.  But then there are people who live to give advices to their friends but don’t follow those advises. What do u do with them? I simply ignore them for awhile and come back to them, since i take advice only from my friends and family and educated people 😀    As Dr.Seuss aptly put it in laymen terms. 🙂  Be Hopeful, … Continue reading Advice

Misery – part 1

I really realized that when people work hard it pays, this is the same everywhere. Nothing comes easy…if you want the best, be the best. People always advise as I have mentioned above. But sometimes you lose that hope, and then you don’t care. What happens in that situation? We don’t listen to anyone and we don’t care about anything. When we keep trying and we keep failing it means we have to realize at one point that, ” I made this mistake….”  And after you go thru self-realizations….Be optimistic because nothing can go wrong that you can’t solve. Muslimah2013 Continue reading Misery – part 1