Some Maybes & Some Sometimes…

I have been friends with some people for 20 years and others for just a day.

Why did some last for a day while others lasted for decades?

Maybe because I spent more time to get to know the real person,
Maybe because my friendliness made it possible to get them to open up,
Maybe because I am always honest with them,
Maybe because I am trustworthy/loyal, Maybe because of feelings,
Maybe because of being a Libra.

Sometimes we got friends in places so random that it boggles some minds as to how, why, when they become friends.
Sometimes years don’t matter to a having a good friendship.
Sometimes we just need to be ourselves and figure out if others are willing to take it. 😀


Being honest, genuinely sharing and caring, and ofcourse being just. These could be recipe for longer friendships.


Musings of mine… 😉


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